Apply a voucher as a payment method

In StockAgile we can create a voucher and use it as a payment method at a later date.

Requirements for applying a voucher as a payment method:

  • The user must have the role of OWNER, STORE MANAGER or STORE VENDOR. You can see the different types of role in the section Create or edit a user.

Steps to apply a voucher as a payment method:

  1. Go to the side menu and click on the SELL button in the SHOPS section.
  2. In the SELL screen we proceed to make the sale, we can see how to make a sale in the section Make a sale.
  3. Once we have passed the products we can either scan the barcode of the voucher given to us by the customer if we have the voucher in person or click on the pink icon at the top right and manually enter the voucher number.
  4. When the system has recognised the voucher, it is automatically applied and we can continue the sale as normal. In case the amount of the voucher is higher than the amount of the sale we will be obliged to generate a new voucher with the remaining amount, make a cash refund or make a card refund.
  5. Once the sale has been completed, we can see from the VOUCHERS screen that the voucher has been used.

Image point 3: Voucher added to the ongoing sale