Configuration of payment methods in the shop

When making a sale, whether in-store (e.g. Caixabank dataphone), online shop (e.g. Paypal) or wholesale (e.g. 30-day bank transfer), the customer can pay us with different payment methods. StockAgile allows you to add or remove different payment methods.

Requirements to be able to create, edit and delete payment methods:

  • The user must have the role of OWNER, STORE MANAGER or WAREHOUSE MANAGER. You can see the different types of role in the section Create or edit a user.

Steps to set up payment methods:

  1. Go to the drop-down menu at the top right with your user name and click on the CONFIGURATION option.
  2. Go to the option of PAYMENT METHODS.
  3. When you go to Payment Methods you will see the NEW PAYMENT METHOD button.
  4. We fill in the following data in the popup.
    1. Name: name of the payment method (e.g. card, cash, etc).
    2. Description: the description of the method, although it is not a mandatory field.
    3. Show the customer's IBAN on the invoices: selection in case we want to make the customer's IBAN visible on the invoices. This allows us, for example, to put on the invoice "Direct debit to customer's account with IBAN XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", which will be different for each customer.
    4. Checkbox Visible at retail: selection in case we want to make the payment method visible at the point of sale.
    5. Checkbox Visible on wholesale: selection in case we want to make the payment method visible on wholesale sales.
    6. Colour: Colour in which we want the payment method to be displayed in the list.
    7. Icon: Icon to be displayed when listing the payment method in the list.
    8. Preview: pre-display of the coloured icon of the payment method.
    9. Finally we click on the SAVE button located at the bottom right of the popup and we will see how the payment methods will refresh and the one we have just created will appear. If there are many payment methods the new payment method may appear on another page in the list.

Image step 4: Creation of a new payment method