Creating raw materials

StockAgile allows us to register raw materials, which will be used throughout the system for the production of products.

In this section we will only see how to create the raw material, but there is also the option to mass import a set of products from an excel file.

Requirements to be able to create raw material:

  • The user must have the role of OWNER, STORE MANAGER, WAREHOUSE MANAGER or PRODUCT EDITOR. You can see the different types of role in the section Creating or editing a user.

Steps to create a product in an advanced way in the Products section:

  1. We have two ways to create a new raw material:
    1. We can go to the PRODUCTS section from the side menu, located in the Inventory module, and then click on the NEW PRODUCT button.
    2. We can go to the MATERIALS section from the side menu located in the Manufacturing module and then click on the NEW RAW MATERIALS button.
  2. In both cases the popup to create the raw material appears, and in the lower left part we can see the button of the ALSO YOU CAN USE THE ADVANCED CREATOR.
  3. To differentiate the raw material from the other products, click on the checkbox "is raw material" located in the middle part of the screen. In this case the information to be filled in will be that required for raw material.
  4. It is possible that the raw material may also have variants like the products. We will have to go to variants, we can have different variants of colour, size, smell, taste, size, power, memory, etc. The system allows you to choose two, one related to the senses (colour, smell, etc.) and one related to the size (size, measurements, etc.), so we will select each of the two palettes and select the different options for each of them.
  5. Finally we click on the FINISH button and a last popup will appear asking us if we want to generate barcodes. We will choose YES or NO depending on each case (whatever we choose, once the raw material is created we have the option to change it).

Image step 3: Raw material attribution