Create or edit a client

In StockAgile you can create a customer database for customer loyalty and thus see the history of purchases or visits, send tickets by email, among other features.

Requirements to be able to create or edit a client:

  • The user must have the role of OWNER, STORE MANAGER or WAREHOUSE MANAGER. You can see the different types of role in the section Create or edit a user.

Steps to create or edit a client:

  1. Go to the menu on the left of the screen, in the CONTACTS section or click on the CUSTOMERS button in the SHOPS section.
  2. At the top right, you will see the CREATE CONTACT button.
  3. Once we click on the button, a screen appears with the contact details to be filled in. In order for it to be a client contact it is very important that in the first TYPE section, select the CUSTOMER option from the drop-down menu that appears.
  4. Fill in all the customer information and click the SAVE button at the top right.
  5. Once the file has been completed, if we go back to the CONTACTS screen in the CUSTOMERS section we have the profiles of the customers we have created. If there are a large number of clients, it is possible that the new client does not appear in the list on the first page.
  6. To edit a client, click on the one you want to edit and the details of the client will appear on the screen, on the right side we can also see the addresses, invoicing, contact persons and purchases, where we have the option to edit them.
  7. Once edited, click the SAVE button at the top right.

Image step 4: Customer file to be completed

Image step 6: Customer interactions and information.

It is also possible to create a customer from a sale:

  1. Once you have started a sale, you can search for a customer, in case the customer is not yet registered you can create a new one from the sale.
  2. On the SELL screen there is an icon of a person with a +, click there and the same new contact pop-up will appear.
  3. Fill in the customer's details and click on Add Contact.
  4. The customer will already be registered in the system and the sale will be associated to him.

Image step 2: Button to create customer in the sell screen