Edit the payment method of a sale that has already taken place

StockAgile allows you to edit the payment method of a sale already made in case there was an error in selecting the payment method when the sale was made.

Requirements to be able to make a return:

  • The user must have the role of OWNER, STORE MANAGER or STORE VENDOR. You can see the different types of role in the section Create or edit a user.
  • The activity of the cash register assigned to the sale to be modified cannot have been closed.

Steps to edit the payment method of a sale already made:

  1. Go to the side menu and click on the SALES button in the SHOPS section.
  2. The SALES screen shows a list of all sales ordered by date and time, and you can also find the sale using the search engine.
  3. Once the sale to be modified is located, click on it.
  4. A screen will open with the sale, at the bottom of the sale will appear several icons, click on the icon of the ticket with a pencil to change the payment method.
  5. Once we click on the icon, a new screen will appear with the different types of payment that we have configured, there we will be able to modify the payment method.
  6. Click on the correct payment method and click on SAVE. Finally the sale will be saved with the payment method.

Image step 4: Icon edit payment method

Image step 5 and 6: Change payment method and save