Video Tutorials

Aprende a utilizar Stockagile aprendiendo de los video tutoriales


Configuration of categories for ecommerce

Creating and editing compositions

Create and edit payment methods

Create and edit users

Company Configuration

Creating and editing taxes

Create and edit serial numbers

Create and edit variants such as sizes, sizes, colours or tastes.

Set default serial numbers

Create and edit shipping methods

Create and edit price list

Working with multiple users at the same time on the same computer


Product creation

Bulk editing of products


Creating and receiving a purchase order from a supplier

Label generator

Create and edit brands, seasons, categories and subcategories

Import products with excel

Point of sale

Open Cash Activity

Search or filter customers

How to sell at the point of sale

Create sales returns

Create and edit promotions

General explanation

Setting shop targets

Making a sale

Adding/withdrawing cash

Closing the cash register

Configuration of shop tickets

Create the invoice for a sale and modify it

Register a salesperson in the system and assign multiple shops to him/her.

Manage multiple vendors at the same cash register

Changing the method of payment for a sale

Apply a voucher as a payment method

Cash closing

Ticket printer configuration

Create a stock replenishment based on sales over a period of time.

Sales ticket design

List and display sales

Sales targets


Creation and dispatch of a sales order with proforma and invoice