View stocks and movements of a product

All products within StockAgile have stock allocated to them. In addition, all operations performed on them (sales, transfer receipts, stock reservations, etc.) lead to stock movements that are recorded in the system.

Requirements to be able to view the stock and stock movements of a product:

  • Having created a product, we can see how to create a product in the section Create product.
  • The stock of a product is visible to all users. You can see the different types of role in the section Create or edit a user.

Steps to be able to create and view the stock and stock movements of a product:

  1. Go to the side menu and click on the PRODUCTS button in the INVENTORY section.
  2. The list of products will appear, click on the product you want to see.
  3. Once inside the product file, click on the STOCK tab.
  4. From the EXISTENCE tab we have four different tabs:
    1. Stocks: table with the stocks of the product, differentiated by variants and warehouses*.
    2. Movements: summary of all the movements that have been made for that product, sorted by date, origin, type of movement, movement, warehouse, colour, size and user. You can also filter by warehouse, or by variants, e.g. sizes or colours.
    3. Transfers: display of transfers that have been made for that product, detailed by serial number, transfer status, origin, destination, created, delivery, notes, item.
    4. Purchases: display of purchases that have been made of that product, detailed by purchase reference, purchase status, contact, warehouse, creation, shipment, item.
  5. Finally we will click on SAVE, we will see a message on the top right hand side that will say PRODUCT UPDATED.


If the stock appears in yellow, it means that the stock is in transfer, so it is possible that we do not physically have it. Also, if a product has negative stock, it will appear in red.